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10 Secrets Every Investor Should Know

Most of the time success in business is the result of what you know. In every industry there are key elements—secrets—that if known will help to insure success but if not known, will certainly lead to failure. Real Estate investing is no different. Success begins with knowledge. What are some of the critical lessons that every real estate investor should know? Here are ten of them for starters… 


The first secret is probably the most important of all the others—using other people's knowledge. There are only two ways to gain knowledge. Either you gain it from other peoples mistakes or make the mistakes yourself. If you refuse to learn from other people's mistakes—you are destined to learn from your own mistakes. The secret is to learn from others and avoid the pain of learning the hard way. Here is the secret—you can jump start your investing success by getting a good mentor and constantly reading and listening to CDs by successful real estate investors. 


Getting Started in Real Estate Investing

I am often asked by people “How do you get started in real estate investing?” My answer to this question is becoming clearer to me the more I give an answer. However, before I tell you my answer, let me share some observations that I have made over the course of my investing career.


The Lord has truly blessed me in my real estate investing endeavors and, as a result, I have had the opportunity to meet other successful investors throughout the country. First, let me clarify what I consider successful. Success is not measured in the amount of money that one possesses, but on the lifestyle that one lives. There are those who are authentically successful and there are those who fake it. When I refer to successful people, I’m talking about the authentic ones - the people who have “arrived.” To be honest, I feel sorry for those that feel the need to fake success.



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